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About Us

We are New Zealand's largest specialist orchid nursery. We pride ourselves in producing the highest quality orchids and distributing them throughout New Zealand and the world.

Our Mission

Orchids for the millennium. Fulfill everyone's dream orchid.

Company Profile

Our imaginative hybridization programme includes developing some exotic new orchids in many different genera. Cymbidium, Zygopetalum, Cattleya, Australian Dendrobium, Oncidium, Sarcochilus and many more.


Our nursery, which is open to the public, has all requirements for the serious orchid grower. We hold a complete range of orchids from small seedlings to larger flowering sized plants all year round. We operate two growing sites on the North Shore with the Redvale site being available to view. The two sites provides us with the opportunity of multiple growing environments allowing us to grow a wider range of orchids for you.


We operate a small laboratory at one of our growing sites. We can offer a flasking service to orchid hybridizers. In addition, we can produce finished flasks of our seedling range to order.


We offer a wide range of genera in sufficient numbers where plants are ready to sell. Supply of plants will vary seasonally. Enquiries are always welcomed with deliveries throughout the country.


We are able to ship plants and flasks to most places throughout the world. Please check with your country's Agricultural Department for requirements to import. We are at your service - please feel free to phone, write, or e-mail us. We look forward to being of service to you.


We accept payment online using most major credit cards, also by bank deposit/internet banking or by posted cheque.


  • New Zealand Export Orchid Growers
  • Orchid Festival Ltd
  • Orchid societies throughout New Zealand
  • Judge with New Zealand Orchid Society, Orchid Council of New Zealand, and Cymbidium Society of America