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May 2021 - Tiny Treasures

May 2021 - Tiny Treasures


Welcome back –  

We have turned green – the greenhouse is now painted green. We are just a couple of days away from finishing our green wall display inside filling it with lots of orchids, Hoyas and other houseplants. We even have green orchids in flower. We do not have a colour preference, we will flower orchids of any colour – you name it, weʼve got it!

This monthʼs offerings include many different genera and species revived from older collections. Thereʼs some harder to get species which rarely get offered for sale and many now not able to get in because of MPI border restrictions and costs. It is important, for the sake of keeping them going in NZ, to spread them around into other peopleʼs collections. We are trying to do our bit as well by pollinating species that are not around very much and growing them up in the lab. We are also importing from overseas so keep an eye on the newsletters for whatʼs new. Susan touches on this in her blurb.

The orchid shows have restarted for this year and all report to have increased public attendances even with queues of people waiting to get in. Sales have also been brisk all through the days. Maybe this is an indication of more discretionary spending money due to the lack of travel options… Our newly face lifted shop is looking spectacular with many favourable positive comments on the range of orchids available for sale. Visitors are always welcome.

We hope that we will all get through this year with the minimum of disruptions and that we can all enjoy our orchids.