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Online Orchid Club

Welcome to the introduction page of the Tuckers Online Orchid Club.

We invite all interested parties to join our club. We offer a monthly (except January) newsletter providing cultural tips and information about where you can find us at shows and events around the country. We offer club members specials and first options on newly released plants.

Anyone wishing to subscribe to our newsletter simply needs to enter their name and email address into the fields shown on the lower left corner of the page.

The specials shown in these newsletters are only available for the month of the newsletter issue. The current month's specials are available through the website and are restricted to those who have completed the process described below and those who have received the latest newsletter.

Back issues of our newsletters can be 'purchased' for free by adding them to your shopping cart. Look for them in the 'Newsletters - Orchids for Everyone' category.

To partake of our monthly Online Orchid Club members only specials you will need to complete the following steps;

  • Create an account on our website. Click on the link 'Create an account' showing on the top right corner of the page.
  • Email us letting us know that the account has been created. info@tuckersorchidnursery.co.nz This is important as we do not get any notifications of new accounts otherwise.
  • We will switch your account status over from 'Retail' to 'Online Orchid Club'. After signing into your account, you will notice a new plant category in the left-hand menu. This is where you will find the monthly specials and new releases.
  • If you have any difficulties viewing the new category, please try clearing your cache/browsing history. If you need to know how to do this or need other assistance, please email us.

Note: Creating an account here does not mean you can pay later. You still need to pay when you place an order with us. Otherwise, you could be waiting a while for your plants to show up. :-)

Also, these specials are only available for delivery within New Zealand. Standard shipping conditions apply.