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Plant Care

Orchid Cultural Notes

The key to growing orchids well here in New Zealand is to endeavour to replicate their original growing conditions as close as possible. We are attempting to provide some of the answers here. These conditions are all variable as each person’s growing conditions are different and there are no hard and fast rules – these are only guidelines. Orchids are very tolerant plants. Just remember this golden rule “You can kill an orchid with kindness but it is not so easy to kill them with neglect.” Read more >>

Repotting Orchids

All orchids should routinely be repotted every 2-3 years. They enjoy a well-drained mix such as orchid bark. After 2-3 years of the plant being in the same pot, the bark/mix degrades and does not provide adequate drainage. Read more >>

Growing Orchids from Flask

De-flasking is a little bit of a tricky process but very rewarding when you see your little plants growing. The optimum time for de-flasking is spring when the weather is starting to warm up and the ‘spring-growth’ period begins. Have a look at your fruit trees and see when they begin flowering and growing their leaves. The last preferred deflasking time would be late summer to early autumn so that there is enough time for them to ‘harden-off’ before the chills set in. Read more >>