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C. C.G. Roebling (1895) 'Blue Indigo'


Cattleya C.G. Roebling  (1895) = gaskelliana x purpurata. A cross made originally in 1895 but remade using very different forms of the species to achieve the blue hue in a Cattleya. (Not quite sky blue yet). Expect up to 3 large 15-17 cm sweetly fragrant blooms per flower stem.

Cattleya, and their extended family of Orchids, originate from Central America. Sometimes known as windowsill orchids, Cattleya are a tolerant, easy to grow, indoor orchid; who enjoy a well lit, cool-warm position in your home (although we recommend avoiding too much direct sunlight in the heat of the day, morning or afternoon will be fine). They are a pleasure to own with their frequently large, showy flowers.

The photo that shows on each available variant is indicative of the size plant that you will receive. Size B plants can be expected to reach flowering size in 3 years; Size B+ plants in 2-2.5 years; Size C plants in 6-18 months (depending on the flowering season and time of purchase). Please check carefully when selecting options to avoid “size surprise”.