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Cym. (Chatter Magic x Vogelsang) x Red Sox 'Redvale'


Cym. (Chatter Magic x Vogelsang) x Red Sox 'Redvale', pinks and reds abound in the beautiful match . Mid range blooms on full sprays will create a wow centrepiece for your garden.

Cymbidium Orchids, sometimes known as Boat Orchids, are a tolerant, easy to grow Orchid with intermediate to large flowers, often with a full, luscious lip.  Grown outdoors in cool to intermediate conditions, they are fond of dappled light under trees to avoid the heat of the full sun.  What you will eventually see flowering will be a blending of the two parents. In some cases we are able to provide you with a photo of the progeny, however please bear in mind that variations in colour, etc are expected with seedling crosses.