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Onc. Kiwi Village


One of the best Oncidium hybrids we have produced this year. It's pedigree is impeccable with more than 50% of its makeup coming from Onc. alexandrae (Odm. crispum). At the North Shore Orchid Society Sarcochilus & Other Genera Show in 2023 we exhibited three of its siblings and all three received HCC awards from the NZ Orchid Society. This plant stands the same chance. If you think the price is outrageous, you can always wait. Naturally we have made a  sibling cross of the awarded plants, expect to see smaller plants at a lesser price... The trouble is, you'll have to wait at least 5 years to see a bloom! (1 year as a pod, 1 year in the flask, 1 year in the community tray and, maybe if you're a good grower, 2 years to flower). Time is not expensive, however, your life soon runs out.

The creamy white flowers measure around 8 cm across, the plant is currently growing in a 13cm diameter squat pot.