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Stan. No ID

D (Flowering size - not in flower)

The plants offered here have no plant labels and so we are unable to tell exactly what species you may get - it is a lucky dip/pot luck. 

Plants are grwing in a 14cm solid plastic pot ready for you to transplant into a basket.

Stanhopeas have large, pleated leaves and bear incredible flowers with intricate, complex structures and mechanisms for pollination, ranging from channeled walkways for insects to buckets of a watery solution. Most have flower spikes that grow downward, so the plants must be potted in hanging baskets or similar containers. Flowers are often spicily fragrant, and although the flowers are short-lived, each plant may produce many flower spikes throughout the year. Originating from higher elevations of South America, they enjoy dappled light, cool to warm temperatures and generally drier winters.