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Den. nobile


Dendrobium nobile are very popular for their profuse, beautiful flowers that produce a wonderful display for up to several months. Dendrobium nobile will enjoy the bright light, warm to cool temperature and 50%-70% humidity. During growing season water them when the media is dry, and less water during cold weather.  Dendrobium nobile: perennial herbs, Chinese people call it ‘Jin Chai Shi Hu’ (Gold Hairpin Dendrobium), because it’s stem looks like Chinese ancient hairpin. Originally it is widely distributed in tropical and subtropical part’s Asia (India, China, Thailand, Vietnam, etc.), Australia and Pacific Islands.

Its pseudobulbous stems could be up to 60cm tall. Flowers are mostly white with varying degrees of mauve to purple colour, pure white is really rare.  In China Dendrobium nobile is used as a traditional Chinese herbal medicine, it was rated as one of the top grade medicine herbs in the ‘Shen Nong’s Herbal Classic Book’ which was written about 200 BC.