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Shipping & Returns

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Shipping & Returns

Returns & Substitution | Delivery Times | Shipping Zones



All payments will be charged to the customer's credit card in New Zealand dollars, the name that will appear on the credit card statement is Tucker's Orchid Nursery

Delivery Times

All efforts will be made to dispatch your order within 2 business days of confirmation of payment subject to the following restrictions. Unless requested otherwise we will dispatch orders between Monday and Thursday for North Island deliveries and Monday and Wednesday for South Island deliveries. This is so that the plants are delivered before the end of the week and are not held up over the weekend. Our courier service provider is Aramex (Fastway). Delivery times for North Island destinations is 1-2 days from dispatch, for South Island destinations it is 2-3 days from dispatch. Allow 1-2 days extra for rural delivery or for areas not currently covered by Aramex franchises. Physical delivery addresses are required - we will not deliver to a PO Box. Whilst we do endeavour to accommodate statutory holidays, it is not always possible. We will take every bit of care to ensure that your plants are protected from any transport delays.
Any parcels that contain plants are labelled as containing plants. We also mark them as Fragile. Aramex consider plants to be a perishable product and will automatically leave the parcel in as safe and secure position as possible should there be no one at home. They will also follow any delivery instructions provided. For your plants' safety, we strongly recommend that you provide delivery instructions if you foresee any issues.

Returns Policy

  • We make every effort to ensure that the plants will travel in the safest manner and that they arrive to you in top condition. If you suspect that the plant(s) have been damaged in transit, please check the contents of the package before signing for them. Aramex will advise us of the situation and return the product to us. We do appreciate hearing from you as well. We will replace your order without question and with no further charges.
  • We take pride in our plants and select strong healthy plants to send to you. Unfortunately, sometimes plants are stricken with poor health without showing any signs at selection time. If your plant dies quickly (within 3 weeks) after you’ve received it, please email us a photo of the stricken plant and we will send you a replacement at no charge. To qualify, the plant must have been kept in conditions appropriate to its care for the duration. 

Supply/Substitution Policy

  • Whilst we endeavour to keep our website as up to date as possible we will periodically run out of stock of a particular item. We will substitute any out of stock item with something with very similar characteristics. Please notify us if you do not want substitutions.


Export/Pricing Policy

This website has been design with the majority of our customers being resident in New Zealand in mind. We are happy to export our plants overseas subject to certain criteria:

  • It is your responsibility to find out from your appropriate government office, what the requirements are regarding the importation of plants into your country.
  • It is our responsibility to comply with any and all requirements as set out by the import permit. These requirements nearly always incur additional charges and we will consult with you first before proceeding to ensure that the overall cost is acceptable to you.
  • We will only export flasks and plants that are Size B+ or larger. Through our experience, young plants that are less than 6 months out of flask (Size B) do not have enough vigour to survive the rigours of shipping overseas.
  • Our international prices are as per those you see on our website, however, the currency changes depending on where we are delivering to. For deliveries to Australia we will charge you Australian dollars and for deliveries to any other country (not New Zealand or Australia) we will charge you US dollars. If paying by credit card the final cost will be calculated into NZ dollars using that day’s exchange rate.

 Please email us with your requests.

Shipping Zones

We send with Aramex Couriers only. Note, Aramex Couriers operates using different urban and rural deliver zones to NZ Post. If you are unsure as to whether your address is considered by Aramex to be rural or urban please check your address in the following website;


We reserve the right to charge your credit card/require further payment of any shipping charge shortfalls upon dispatch of your order due to incorrect selection of delivery options i.e. missed rural charges or incorrect delivery zones.

Blue - Region 1 Greater Auckland
Green - Region 2 Whangarei to Rotorua
Orange - Region 3 Rest of North Island
Yellow - Region 4 South Island


Shipping Costs

The cost to send parcels around the country will vary depending upon the destination and the size and quantity of the plants. The cost is calculated out by the greater of either the actual weight of the parcel or the volumetric weight. Most times we will be using volumetric weight measurements. The following prices are a guideline only;

Region 1 
Parcels up to 25kg - $13.00 urban
                                 $21.00 rural

Region 2
Parcels up to 2kg   - $18.00 urban
                                 $26.00 rural
Parcels up to 15kg - $19.50 urban
                                 $27.50 rural
Parcels up to 25kg - $39.00 urban
                                 $55.00 rural

Region 3
Parcels up to 2kg   - $18.00 urban
                                 $26.00 rural
Parcels up to 10kg - $27.00 urban
                                 $35.00 rural
Parcels up to 15kg - $38.00 urban
                                 $46.00 rural

Region 4
Parcels up to 2kg   - $18.00 urban
                                 $26.00 rural
Parcels up to 5kg   - $28.00 urban
                                 $36.00 rural
Parcels up to 10kg - $43.00 urban
                                 $51.00 rural
Parcels up to 15kg - $65.00 urban
                                 $73.00 rural

Satchels - All Regions
                                $6.50 urban
                                $14.50 rural

Note: Satchels are plastic envelopes. They are not suitable for sending plants as they offer no protection.

Prices current as at February 2020. Maximum parcel size 25kg.
Volumetric weight = height (metre) x depth (m) x length (m) x 200 (kgs)
e.g. 21cm x 23cm x 16cm carton = .21 x .23 x .16 x 200 = 1.55kg

Price correct as at 1st December 2021