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Welcome to the website of New Zealand's largest specialist orchid nursery backed up by over 60 years of experience to help you
Slugs and Snails

Slugs and Snails

Slugs and Snails (and Puppy Dog’s Tails) 

Slime trails on leaves...  Benches/pots and the surface of the leaves/flowers being ‘thinned out’.... indicate that slugs and snails have been busy – bait with a suitable snail bait scattered a small distance away from the plant, to draw the critters away from the precious growth; but do beware of small children and pets gaining access to the baits. Cover with an empty pot with a cut-out “door” if necessary, to keep prying noses and fingers away for a bit.

For a sustainable option, you can cut a potato or cucumber in half, scoop out some of the centre and place face down nearby - they will be drawn to the starchy, moist environment rather than your plants. In a greenhouse or garden, you can place an old and wet wooden plank on the ground to provide a desirable snail-friendly environment, they will often cluster underneath the plank and can be removed from your garden the following morning.

We know it can be a challenge getting a balance right of all the requirements for all your different plants; but hey, that is why we grow orchids, eh?

We ALL love a challenge…. and let’s be honest, if we wanted easy, we would grow a bed of Mint!