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Following is a selection of Oncidium orchids available in a range of plant sizes, colours and flower sizes.
Some of the plants in this collection are grown at our secondary grow site. We will collect ordered plants from the secondary grow site on weekdays for orders placed by 8.30am.
Many of these are from our own hybridizing programme however we also source from other local NZ hybridizers and overseas growers.
With mericlone Oncidiums you will see a photo of the mother plant and can expect your plant to look like this once it is in flower.
With seedling Oncidiums, where two parents have been cross-bred, we will endeavour to show you photos of each of the parents. What you will eventually see flowering will be a blending of the two parents. With some crosses we cannot anticipate that a plant will come out a particular colour, it will be pot luck as to what you will eventually see. Occasionally, where this crossing has been made before, we are able to provide you with a photo of the previous flowerings.


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Gomesa flexuosa
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