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Hoyas have been a silent and growing passion of Susan's for years. She has been collecting some interesting plants and has decided to share her plants via rooted cuttings and a bit more mature plants. We list a few varieties here with more coming all the time.
Hoyas (sometimes called a wax plant because of the waxy flowers) originate from south east Asia (India and Southern China through to Malaysia and Indonesia) through to Australia as well as some of the some Micronesian and Polynesian islands. They are predominantly vines that are epiphytic (growing on trees for physical support only) although there are some exceptions to this. Very popular as a houseplant, they can be trained onto a framework similar to their natural environment or as a hanging plant. Some Hoya species are scientifically proven to be great air purifiers.


Hoya polyneura
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Hoya australis
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Hoya skinneriana
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Hoya pubicalyx
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Hoya dasyantha
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