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From the Production Team

Here, in one concise spot, we provide information and help you understand and get better control over various pests, diseases and other issues you may encounter while growing your plants. Simply click on the link below to direct you to the blog post on a particular subject.

Hoya Cultural Notes

Orchid Cultural Notes 

Repotting Orchids

Growing Orchids from Flask

Moss vs Bark - on Phalaenopsis

Fungal Diseases - Botrytis cinerea

Slugs and Snails

Eyes open for Aphids

Fungal Diseases - Anthracnose

Fungal Diseases - Phytophtora infestans

Mealy Bugs and How to handle them

Scale and how to treat it

Viruses and plants 

Bacterial Infections and what to do with them

Got Mites?