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Terrariums and suitable Orchids

Terrariums and suitable Orchids

Lately, we've been getting a lot of queries for miniature orchids to go into a terrarium so I thought we should do a spotlight on what orchids are best for this type of environment.

You can get different types of terrariums, and this will effect your decision over what plants are best suited for you. They can be closed in or open top, bottles and bowls get used, and even empty fish tanks get converted into terrariums.
Open terrarium with amethyst crystal
 A terrarium is a small, enclosed environment that functions as a mini greenhouse. The soil and the plants release water vapor, which gets collected onto the glass container walls and eventually trickles down back to the ground and the plants. 
Because of this mechanism, sealed terrariums are self-nourishing and would need very little maintenance. The water gets recycled repeatedly, and the terrarium creates its ecosystem. 
 Terrariums look fun and lovely, but building one takes more than just assembling some orchids, companion plants, moss, rocks, branches, and other accessories inside a glass jar. You should also know how a terrarium works. You should keep in mind that you are not just planting things in a fancy, transparent container but also creating a mini greenhouse and a mini-ecosystem.
Terrariums need foliage and slow-growing plants.
Terrarium with Jewel Orchids
Not all orchids are ideal for terrariums. Choose ones that like high humidity, intermediate temperature, and low-light conditions. Moreover, you also need to pick orchids that would fit in your terrarium and scale with your jar’s dimensions. It is crucial to pick miniature orchids for your terrarium to ensure they won’t grow bigger than what you intended, so you still have space left for companion plants.
Moreover, regardless of what orchids and plants you intend to use, always make sure to do your homework first and do proper research about them, especially since orchids can be pricey. Plus, the ones used for terrariums are not as readily available as your ordinary garden plants. 
Remember that not all orchids are suitable for terrariums, so you may want to stick to our list. 
And miniature terrarium orchids prefer different growing conditions like light, watering, humidity, and fertilizer; you should remember these things.
After all your work to grow your orchids, it is vital to avoid limp leaves and rotten roots. Improper watering is often the cause of a droopy, unhealthy orchid!
Some of the types we have available now that would be suited to a terrarium:
The expert among us may even try to deflask directly into a terrarium:
Orb Terrarium