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Brat. Shelob 'Okika'


Bratonia are intergeneric hybrids between the orchid genera Brassia and Miltonia; however this intriguing plant is classified in the subtribe Oncidiinae.

Bratonia Shelob mericlones will produce attractive arching spikes of mahogany red spidery flowers with a pink lip. With an impressive flower size of approx 12cm, this cool growing plant will definitely catch the eye!

Oncidiinae, traditionally were Odontoglossums, Oncidiums and other intergeneric hybrids. There are now a 100 or so species which originate from the mountainous regions of Central America to the northern parts of South America.

Oncidiums, Odontoglossums and their hybrids are another orchid which will grow well alongside your Cymbidiums. They thrive outdoors in shady to dappled light - ensuring they get plenty of light will ensure that flowering will not be inhibited. Many do well on slabs, where they benefit from the rapid alteration of wet to dry if they are watered daily and dry fast. Additionally, most do very well in an intermediate greenhouse; with a minimum night temperature of 12°C as average.