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Buxus Blight Fighter - 200ml


Developed to control and prevent buxus blight, phytophthora and pythium root rots in ornamentals.  This is a systemic preventative as well as treatment, and can be used in conjunction with 2-3 extra sprays of a FreeFlo Copper 7 days after the first Buxus Blight Fighter treatment. This will treat fungal infestations (ie black spot, leaf spot and downey mildew).

The active ingredient in Buxus Blight Fighteris phosphorous acid, that has ionized compounds called phosphonates.

The benefit of the Grosafe® Buxus Blight Fighter is that it is already in the phosphonate (active) state as a liquid so will be more readily absorbed by the plant which gives it superior systemic activity on the buxus plant, which gives far better protection.