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Ctenanthe amagris (Never Never Plant)


Hailing from the rainforests of Brazil, this little beauty has bright green leaves, with dark veining, making the foliage quite striking.

This plant doesn't enjoy drying out, so will require a regular watering schedule, to well soak the soil and then let it drain completely before returning to the cover pot.  However it is best grown in a well draining substrate to ensure waterlogging doesn't occur. 

Place in bright indirect light which is close to a rainforest level where they live under the canopy.  When a low level of light is provided, then newer foliage will start to become dark green in color. The attractive dark green veins will end up blending with the rest of the leaf’s color. On the other hand, excess amounts of light will cause the light green color to fade from the plant.

Potted in a 12cm pot, approximately 20cm tall from the bottom of the pot