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Gomesa flexuosa

C (Near flowering - spike poss. in 6-18 mths)

Also known as Oncidium flexuosum this yellow dancing lady orchid will delight you with many small, 2-3cm, flowers on long graceful stems. The plant loves to climb so grow it on  a branch or similar mount.

Size C plants are growing in a 7cm square pot whereas the Size D plants are in a 9cm square pot.

In the family Oncidiinae - Oncidiums, Odontoglossums and their hybrids are another orchid which will grow well alongside your Cymbidiums. They thrive outdoors in shady to dappled light - ensuring they get plenty of light will ensure that flowering will not be inhibited. Many do well on slabs, where they benefit from the rapid alteration of wet to dry if they are watered daily and dry fast. Additionally, most do very well in an intermediate greenhouse; with a minimum night temperature of 12°C as average.