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Welcome to the website of New Zealand's largest specialist orchid nursery backed up by over 60 years of experience to help you

Lus. discolor (Jewel Orchids)

C (Near flowering - spike poss. in 6-18 mths)

These Ludisia discolor plants (known widely as Jewel Orchids) are well established divisions with a year of growth under their belts; but as they are individual divisions rather than seedlings they are "imperfectly perfect". Each is uniquely charming and will bring you much joy.

These plants have sweet white blooms and beautiful dark, pinstriped foliage, which is often the main draw for collectors. 

Best grown in cool to warm conditions, we would suggest growing indoors in a stable humidity environment, away from direct light (this is not a windowsill or bathroom lover). If the leaves lose the dark green and a lot of pale red is visible they are getting too much light.

(Plant sizes photographed are indicative only of the plant you will receive. They are in 9 or 10cm pots)