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Sarco. Melba

D (Flowering size - not in flower)

Sarcochilus Melba is a Sarco. hartmannii x Sarco. falcatus cross.  This beautiful leafy orchid will reward you with impressive sprays of white flowers. There's a possibility that this plant could be perfumed, given one of its parents is known for its aroma.

Grow in dappled or filtered indirect light with cool to warm conditions. Water frequently, never allowing for the potting bark to dry out. For best results fertilise with every watering using Tuckers Flowering Orchid Tucker. 

The photo that shows on each available variant is indicative of the size plant that you will receive.  Size B plants can be expected to reach flowering size in 2-2.5 years; Size B+ plants in 18-24months; Size C plants in 6-18 months (depending on the flowering season and time of purchase). Please check carefully when selecting options to avoid “size surprise”.

Please note that the size of the grow pot may vary. 

Sarcochilus originate from the eastern coastline of Australia from the northern parts of Queensland through to the southern parts of Victoria as well as the northern coastline of Tasmania. As such, they can be grown relatively easily in most parts of New Zealand. They are mostly epiphytic or lithophytic, meaning they either grow on trees or rocks. The more common Sarcochilus species and hybrids available here in NZ prefer a cooler, more shaded environment. Certain plants (particularly those with cascading flowers) look great in hanging baskets. You can even mount them onto trees.