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Cym. tracyanum


Cym tracyanum will give a beautiful plant with green and brown striped, elongated petals.  With a strong scent, what a great addition!

The photo that shows on each available variant is indicative of the size plant that you will receive.  Size B plants can be expected to reach flowering size in 3-4 years; Size B+ plants in 2-3 years; Size C plants in 6-18 months (depending on the flowering season and time of purchase). Please check carefully when selecting options to avoid “size surprise”.

Cymbidium Orchids, sometimes known as Boat Orchids, are a tolerant, easy to grow Orchid with intermediate to large flowers, often with a full, luscious lip.  Grown outdoors in cool to warm conditions, they are fond of dappled light under trees to avoid the heat of the full sun.