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Zns. Cynosure 'Dove of Peace'


This is a Zygopetalum Skippy Ku x Aganisia cyanea cross = Zygonisia Cynosure.  A smaller, compact plant with lovely, white/pink 6-7cm blooms, this is a delightful plant to add to your collection. There is also a chance of variegated leaves just to add more to the delightfulness.

We've had one flower in a 5cm tube while in the nursery - on a very small plant - and it has come through with slightly more purple on the flower than there should be - the last picture shows this for your reference.  This came to us in a flask labelled as Zns. Cynosure 'Dove of Peace' however it clearly is not...

We suspect that one of 2 things might have happened, it could have reverted back in the cloning process if the original clone was taken from a sport of a Zns. Cynosure, or it might have been labelled incorrectly in the flask.

Size B plants can be expected to reach flowering size in 3-4 years; Size B+ plants in 2-3 years; Size C plants in 6-18 months (depending on the flowering season and time of purchase). Please check carefully when selecting options to avoid “size surprise”.